Making FireStream 9270 work with Stream SDK 2.01

Discussion created by ikozin on Mar 9, 2010
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I’m trying to make our  FireStream 9270 cards work with Stream SDK 2.01. We are running Scientific Linux SL release 5.4 (with gcc 4.1.2). Officially, only RHEL 5.3 is supported. Is that potentially an issue?

I’ve installed the drivers using ati-driver-installer-10-2-x86.x86_64.run and
# aticonfig --list-adapters
* 0. 85:00.0 AMD FireStream 9270
1. 0d:00.0 AMD FireStream 9270
  2. 08:00.0 AMD FireStream 9270

I can compile pretty much anything in the SDK (the build breaks only on Mandelbrot in opencl) but when I try running the resulting binary I get an error.

For example, in samples/cal

Supported CAL Runtime Version: 1.3.185
Found CAL Runtime Version: 1.4.553
Use -? for help
Segmentation fault

In OpenCL it’s usually

Error: clGetPlatformIDs failed. Error code : unknown error code
Any thoughts? thanks!