Can't see any source code in CodeAnalyst

Discussion created by AndrewSmart on Mar 6, 2010
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Hi folks,

I've been struggling to get this working for a week or two now. I'm trying to time-based profile my application "Midnight.exe" using CodeAnalyst which is integrated to VS2008 Pro.

When viewing the results, under the "Processes" tab, I can see that Midnight.exe has a result of 5.91 Timer samples.

Drilling into this, it then shows the breakdown of processes within Midnight.exe, of which the .exe itself shows 24.68 Timer Samples.

Drilling further, it shows a list of function names with offsets and the number of timer samples for each. Here the symbol names for the functions are being displayed correctly.

The problem comes when I drill down 1 more level into any of these functions. It displays the actual name of the source file that contains the relevant function, but no source code. The source files is listed with Timer Samples = 0 which doesn't seem right

I've made sure the path is set correctly to my source files in the Options dialog within VS, and various other combinations of settings, but nothing seems to bring the source code up.

When trying the "classic.exe" example that comes with CodeAnalyst, this works fine and I can see the actual source code.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong, or some other things to check as I've run out of ideas

Thanks for any help