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    invalid address space for argument to _kernel function



      I wrote a kernel that takes a vector<int> type as an argument,
      but when I run it the compiler seems not to recognize this type,
      vector<int> is defined in "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\include\vector"

      my Kernel is defined in a .cl file.

      How can I include header files to a .cl file to allow kernels to take structures defined in those files as arguments?

      [code]__kernel void findPairs( __global const CvSeq* objectKeypoints, __global const CvSeq* objectDescriptors,
                 __global const CvSeq* imageKeypoints, __global const CvSeq* imageDescriptors, __global vector<int>& ptpairs )

      Actually it's an Opencv code I'm trying to run on GPU using Opencl.

      Thanks in advance, I really need help with this
      I can give more details if needed