RenderMonkey 1.82 not working correctly

Discussion created by killerwolf on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2010 by bpurnomo

Hi all,

i was previously using RM1.82 on an Intel P4 manchine w/ an Nvidia Geforce card. i've moved to an AMD QuadCore machine w/ a radeon 4670 card, and RM has stopped working correctly.

i'm using a shader for a spaceship that uses the green channel to control shine : it previously showed the armour of the ship as nicely polished metal :


but now it's showing noting but white, as though it's not processing this part of the shader at all :


any thoughts as to why this has suddenly stopped working? i d/l'd the 9.10 drivers and this made no change. i've heard there are "issues" w/ some of the later drivers, hence me using these stable ones.