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    Simplified OpenCL Wrappers

      SOCL -- a simple library of OpenCL wrappers to help folks get started

      I've been doing some experiments in simplification.

      OpenCL requires a fair bit of machinery just to get a simple experiment to run. SOCL is a set of wrapper functions to hide some of the machinery while folks learn the ins-and-outs of GPGPU programming. It isn't optimal, and it isn't meant to be, but it gets us a little closer to a "Hello World" type introduction program that is under 100 lines long.

      See it a http://snipurl.com/uif8c   *

      I'm working on documentation, bear with me. The start can be found at http://www.bigNcomputing.org/tools/OpenCL

      Tested against ATI Stream SDK V2.01 and a Radeon 5870


      If the snipurl locator doesn't work, see the impossibly long unsnippable URL: http://www.bigncomputing.org/Big_N_Computing/Big_N_Computing/Entries/2010/2/22_Small_Brick%2C_Big_%E2%80%98N%E2%80%99.html