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    OpenGL CrossfireX / SuperAA programming




      I am interested in doing some OpenGL programming and would like my application to detect CrossfireX setups and take advantage of it. 

      However, instead of AFR, I would like to force the CrossfireX mode to be SuperAA 16x AA mode, or any other high-quality AA mode that's available.

      Can someone comment on the best AA modes available in OpenGL with a CrossfireX setup, ... and how can my OpenGL application take advantage of them?  

      Note: If that's impossible to programmatically control CrossFireX, is it possible to guide our users to manually force a specific SuperAA mode through his control panel?



        • OpenGL CrossfireX / SuperAA programming

          the crossfire mode can be setup through the control panel, but not through any opengl API.

          if you run on a consumer board (radeon), you need to make sure that your application is in the list of profile (atiogl.xml).

          on a workstation board, crossfire/AFR is enabled by default for all applications.


          Pierre B.