Hybrid CrossFire, ATI Stream and OpenGL version

Discussion created by madam on Feb 23, 2010
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I'm going to get some new hardware and my idea is AMD 780G chipset with radeon 3200 IGP and radeon 5570 discrete GPU. I'd like to use hybrid CrossFire configuration but unfortunatelly can't find answers for some questions.

Radeon 5570 has support for ATI Stream, OpenCL and OpenGL v.3.2.
Radeon 3200 IGP - as far as I know - dosn't work with ATI Stream and OpenCL. I'm not completly sure about OpenGL version, because have found some different informations. May it depend of driver version?. I assume that it has support for OpenGL 2.1.

The questions are:

1. Will the CrossFire based on mentioned hardware be able to run ATI Steam and OpenCL?
2. What version of OpenGL would it have support for?
3. Is SidePort memory for IGP any advantage if used for hybrid CrossFire?