Problem with SDK v2.01 and 4890 (RV770)? (SDK v2.0 runs ok)

Discussion created by RBD on Feb 17, 2010
OpenCL code runs on 4890 with SDK v2.0 but NOT with SDK V2.01

Hi, I'm having problems specifically with SDK v2.01 and my 4890 video cards.  I am able to run David Bucciarelli's SmallLuxGPU v1.3 test OpenCL software on my 4890 video cards using ATi Stream SDK v2.0, but I cannot run it when I use ATI Stream SDK v2.01.  I checked that the SDK v2.01 is installed correctly, and can run the included OpenCL samples and other OpenCL code, but not the latest versions of David's programs.  It's like the stream SDK v2.01 broke something for my 4890s... Please help.

By the way, in case this is relevant, the video cards I'm using are original ATI 4890 video cards; OpenCL reports them as RV770;  they look exactly like original ATI reference cards (they were won in an AMD contest; see first, second).