5570 card issues

Discussion created by zlice0 on Feb 16, 2010
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i use gentoo 64bit(x86_64). i just got my HD 5570 in the mail...looking at


i am under the assumtion that the SDK will support my card.

but when i run say "PATH='' ./BinarySearch" i get a "Error: clGetPlatformIDs failed. Error code : unknown error code" at the end of my output...


not to mention i was unaware that there are no display drivers for the 5570...



i rehook my other video card and hook the 5570 into another slot, oO(okay i bought it to program anyway...yadayada)


but with 'aticonfig' and the compiled files giving me 'getplatformID' error i am feeling weary that my card will not work properly or have less functionality down the road.


question: how can i tell if there are any 'limitations', or am i screwed? did i just waste $100? will there be 5570 drivers or is it too far behind with the sexy 5970 out? i bought this thinking i could use it as a prototype/development card because i don't have the money to spend on better hardware