Problem with ShaderAnalyzer and 1x00 series

Discussion created by allingm on Feb 14, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2010 by bpurnomo

I've been working at home on my x1600 and noticing that my game has been crashing.  On further inspection I found that the .fx files were failing to compile, but they were failing silently.  I figured this out because I was given no error from the compilation function, but the output window in visual studio gave me a warning:

D3DX: ID3DXEffect: Warning! Failed to create shader on this device (probably because shader version is unsupported)

I put the shader into ShaderAnalyzer and got the following error:

Unknown Error Compiler Shader

This error pops up for all 1x00 series cards, but all other cards work.  Are these problems related?  Does anybody know what might be causing the compiler to fail?

Only one shader file silently fails to compile, but all shader get the Unknown Error Compiler Shader error.