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    headless opencl / stream

      opencl running on gpu without display attached (linux)

      with the 2.01 release and the catalyst 10.1 drivers, is it yet possible to run openCL codes on the GPU, without a display?


      linux x86_64

      fglrx from 10.1 driver package

      stream sdk 2.01

      no display attached to pcie card

      run apps remotely on the GPU


      even better:

      init pcie card even if not primary devices (ie multiple cards on one motherboard)

      none have active X display or console

      run openCL apps on chosen GPUs

      installation paths for driver and libs that allow for nvidia & ati to coexist on same machine

      io-srv access to pcie via kvm (woot!) for accelerated GPU... <-- that's a money maker!



      but still good enough...

      initialize GPU to only *think* it is connected to display