PhysX v9 driver conflict with Sandra2010 GPGPU benchmark

Discussion created by ReDpc on Feb 12, 2010
Sandra GPGPU locks at 50% for 18hrs+

I installed PhysX (software emulation on ATi) drivers before Stream2.01:

On Sandra2010 Engineer, when you create a report so it runs all GPGPU benchmarks it continues for 18hrs (and counting...)

For some reason GPU-Z does not detect that I have an OpenCL GPU.

Reports intermittent 2% load on the GPU and 100%(with 50% kernel) on one CPU thread, the 4 hyperthreads are parked.

It seems one of the benchmarks is running something meant for 1600 GPU-threads on a single CPU-thread due to the PhysX driver interfering?


P.S. Is there a seperate OpenCL driver somewhere on khronos?

because the StreamSDK says it supports OpenCL1.0, so I figured that's all I needed.

P.P.S It looks like the problem is with the STREAM codepath of the benchmark, it locks at 50% with 100@ CPU utilization on 1 out of 8 available CPU threads for over 18hrs?!

Also, the double is being emulated on DirectCompute and OpenCL, I don't think that is normal either, since I get 120Mpixels max instead of ~450 shown for the reference 5870 result.