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    oprofile source package


      The CodeAnalyst package is rather big, has lots of dependencies and takes some time to compile. Personally I am used to use the bare-bones oprofile command line tool.

      Is it possible that AMD provides an oprofile source package without CodeAnalyst until the changes have been merged upstream?

        • oprofile source package

          The CodeAnalyst-Linux-2.8.54.tar.gz contains:

          * CodeAnalyst GUI

          * CodeAnalyst modified version of Oprofile

          * Java profile agent

          * Kernel module

          You can only build modified Oprofile part after auto configure. The modified Oprofile has the follow features comparing official Oprofile:

          1) Support Instruction Based Sampling (IBS) on AMD Family 10h.

          2) Support Randomization of IBS to provide more accurate IBS profile data.

          3) Support Event-Multiplexing

          The drawback is it still requires other packages for the autogen and auto configure.