Kernel encryption/obfuscation

Discussion created by bubu on Feb 10, 2010
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I have a security problem... Call me paranoid but:


Would be possible to add a private/public key encrypt mechanism inside the the OpenCL driver? A reverse engineer could easily watch my precious OpenCL IP algorithms just creating a fake opencl.dll.

If you could use a private/public system would be much more secure. For example:

Each card has an hexadecimal identifier. You could use that as public key.

On the other hand, you could write a simple tool to encrypt the OpenCL source code using a private key ( for example: "ATI rocks" ) and a closed-unknown algorithm or keys (like the DCC, DVD or Bluray).

The OpenCL driver would use those keys to decrypt internally the kernel's code. It's very hard to debug a kernel driver, plus the difficulty to crack a private/public asymetric 1024-bits algorithm would make the system more secure.


In that way our IP will be sightly better protected! ( although no system is 100% secure, of course ).