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    slarft and dlarft


      I am using the trillinos library (http://trilinos.sandia.gov/). I am using ACML as a BLAS and LAPACK backend for this library. However, the build fail because of missing functions slarft and dlarft. I don't see these in acml.h. These functions are in the reference LAPACK. Can anyone explain ?

        • slarft and dlarft

          There are a handful of LAPACK auxiliary routines that we chose not to include in acml.h or provide C wrappers for.  Apparently that was a poor choice.

          Here are C prototypes for your two functions.  These directly call the fortran routines.

          void extern dlarft(char *direct, char *storev, int *n, int *k, double *v, int *ldv, double *tau, double *t, int *ldt, int direct_length, int storev_length);

          void extern slarft(char *direct, char *storev, int *n, int *k, float *v, int *ldv, float *tau, float *t, int *ldt, int direct_length, int storev_length);


          Note that most fortran compilers pass values by reference, but they include an integer length for any CHAR variables at the end of the parameter list.