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    GLSL: out interface block in fragment shader



      I have the following shader that outputs to multiple render targets, and the glsl compiler tells me that

      ERROR: 0:7: error(#328) interface block should not apply in 'FS out'.
      ERROR: error(#273) 1 compilation errors.  No code generated

      What's the problem? AFAIK the specification does not forbid putting the output variables in an interface block, or am I mistaken?

      #version 150

      precision highp float;
      precision highp int;

      in vec2 coord;
      out stx {
          out ivec4 a;
          out vec4 b;
      } OUT;

      uniform isampler2D elev;
      uniform sampler2D frcc;
      void main()
          OUT.a = texture(elev, coord);
          OUT.b = texture(frcc, coord);