Possible bug in the OpenCL driver ?

Discussion created by spectral on Feb 4, 2010
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I have a large 'kernel' that I have translated from C# into "OpenCL C" language.

When I run it, I got an "AccessViolationException".

Because I'm unable to debug the "OpenCL kernel" I have copy this code in a "kernel.c" file (remove the __global etc..., do a minor set of changes) and execute it.

The "C" (Win32) version work correctly... but the "OpenCL" kernel crash the application.

So I suppose that there is a problem in the OpenCL driver  and not in my code !!

If you are interested, I can send you an ".exe" file and the "Kernel code" to reproduce the problem, you can contact me at : viewon01@viewon.tv

NB: I work on the CPU only (2 cores), I read datas from the same location but write it at different position.