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    OpenGL render loop hangs with ATI card when connecting with remote desktop

      Call to SwapBuffers hangs

      We have an application that uses a spawned render thread in a window to display a bitmap in 3d. If a user connects to the computer running this application via remote desktop, the render loop hangs in the SwapBuffer(...) call, preventing us from shutting down the openGL subsystem and recreating it. This behavior only occurs on our test PC using an ATI card (X300 series, using driver version 8.593.100.0)

      The function callstack is:


        ************.dll!GenericGL::RenderThreadProc()  Line 249 + 0xf C++
        ************.dll!GenericGL::RenderThreadProcStatic(GenericGL * pthis=0x01775a80)  Line 200 C++