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    OpenGL support

      Where can I find informations about OpenGL support by GPU


      I would like to change my current graphics video card (128MB nv7600gt) for a new one.

      I want to change for an AMD-ATI video card, more powerfull than my current card with support for opengl 3.2

      Where could I find informations about opengl support by GPU ?

      Could you suggest me a model under 100$ ?

        • OpenGL support

          then buy radeon 5670 or 5750. support of opengl 3.2 has every card from radeon 2xxx series.

            • OpenGL support

              thx for your answer


              what about HD4 models ? (4670 ?)

              do you think 512MB is enough or do I have to prefer 1GB ?


              sapphire models seems to be noisy at full load

              is there anyone who can suggest me a (almost) noiseless single slot model ?

                • OpenGL support

                  HD 4xxx as i say support OGL 3.2 too. but i will buy 5xxx series card becuase it can happend that OGL 3.3 can require shader model 5.0 capabilities so it will run only on DX11 card.

                  i think some card from 5xxx series is better option.

                  i have two card from sapphire. 3850 and 5850 and both is inaudible in idle and under load i heard only little airflow.

                  when you buy card with reference cooler it is same for every brand.