GPU Global Memory

Discussion created by ryta1203 on Jan 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2010 by genaganna

I know this has probably been mentioned before but please refresh my memory:

If I have a kernel (streaming) that has 4 inputs and 1 output, how do I call the global memory in CAL/IL?

For inputs with size 1024 is it:

g[Tid.x+0], g[Tid.x+1], g[Tid.x+2], g[Tid.x+3]


g[Tid.x+0], g[Tid.x+1024], g[Tid.x+2048], g[Tid.x+3072]


And for the output, what is it? If I use g[Tid.x+0] won't that overwrite my input value??