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    Problem with OpenCL on Mobility Radeon HD 4650



      I'm trying to install the ATI Stream SDK 2.0 on a Vista x86 SP1 using a Mobility Radeon HD 4650.

      When i try to install the Stream SDK i get a warning that my display driver does not support OpenCL functionality and when trying to run the SDK samples i don't get my GPU as a supported device (only the CPU is supported).

      I installed the 9.12 Hotfix but it doesen't seem to solve the issue. I'm not sure if i'm using the proper driver. I downloaded the latest graphics drivers for the GPU from the AMD support page: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx

      Maybie i have the wrong drivers but i didn't manage to find any other drivers or information on how to setup the Stream SDK 2.0 with OpenCL and a Mobility Radeon HD 4650.

      Is there a proper driver i can download from somewhere or there is something else that i'm missing?