CPU Context using ATI Stream/OpenCL

Discussion created by toddwbrownjr on Jan 24, 2010
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Hello all,

     I have been developing CUDA programs up until now on my ASUS 1201N, Atom-based processor with NVIDIA ION graphics chip.  I am starting to use ATI's Stream technology to develop OpenCL programs.  I successfully installed the ATI SDK and I replaced NVIDIA's OpenCL.dll file with ATI's OpenCL.dll in Windows\system32.  With the SDK installed and no ATI GPU driver (as I don't have a device that supports it), I am having an issue with the following.  I cannot create a CPU Context.  When I query with a clGetPlatformIDs, I only have one device that is returned, which when I do a clGetPlatformInfo with a CL_PLATFORM_VENDOR argument, returns "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.".  I assume this context would not work, since I do not have an AMD GPU, but why can't I specify a CPU Context?  Is it the AMD/ATI driver that emulates the CPU OpenCL context (which I don't have)?