ACML-GPU on AMD 5970

Discussion created by Marix on Jan 19, 2010
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Library claims GPU to be unsupport

I am using an ASUS EAH 5970 with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS in headless mode (remote via SSH). I successfully installed the Stream SDK 2.0 with the corresponding drivers. Both, the CAL FindNumDevices and the OpenCL CLInfo examples from the SDK find the two GPUs of the 5970 and the SDK examples work fine.

I downloaded the ACML-GPU 1.0, which seems to be the latest available version. In combination with gcc 4.1 it works fine as long as I restrict it to the CPU (NO_GPU=T). If NO_GPU is not set however, I get the following message:


WARNING: Detected unsupported GPU architecture
ERROR: No GPUs available
ERROR: Failed to initialize GPU(s) for DGEMM

As the 5970 has all features that previous cards had I don't see, why it should be unsupported. Is there a newer version of the library which properly handles this case?