GPU PerfStudio 2.1 unable to connect client

Discussion created by neutrone on Jan 16, 2010
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GPU PerfStudio 2.1 client times out

Hi guys, 

I am trying to use new GPU PerfStudio 2.1 with my DirectX 11 3D engine and I can't connect to the server. Client keeps timing out and the server has the following error in the log:



09:18:21.132626: Error:                 : InitCommunication - WSAStartup network subsystem not ready for communication

09:18:21.133626: Error:   MicroDLL      : Call to UpdateHooks() in DX11Server.dll failed

I am connecting locally on port 80 and I've have disabled UAC and firewall. There are no other apps listening on port 80. I've tried other ports but I get the same error. I use 32bit Windows 7.

Any ideas?