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Discussion created by derekl on Jan 12, 2010
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Pop-ups and SDK dependency



Currently the behaviour when running on an AMD system is that the user is required to install the ATI stream SDK (As well as the OpenCL compatible drivers). I would like to know if/when AMD will be including all of the runtime requirements with the OpenCL drivers like nVidia currently does.


Secondly, when the the programs are built at runtime, several console windows briefly pops up and then closes (presumably for each device). Is there any way currently, to suppress this pop-up behaviour? If not, will future updates fix this and when?


Thirdly, I have noticed when I initialize openCL, the screen flickers briefly. Although this is a minor inconvenience, nVidia drivers do not do this and provides for a less distracting user experience. Just for my curiosity, is there any intention (if it is possible) to fix this?


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