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    ACML-GPU with NO_GPU=T

      strange dgemm behavior


      I found that on my system ACML-GPU's dgemm behaves strangely when NO_GPU environmental variable is set to T.  Above some matrices' size threshold, dgemm results differ from both naive matrix multiplication implementation and ACML-GPU's dgemm with NO_GPU != T. I work on Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit, kernel 2.6.28-16, Catalyst 9.10 (or 9.11). gcc used to compile tests is custom-built 4.1.2. Can you confirm it's an ACML-GPU issue? Or perhaps I just miscompiled it somehow.


        • ACML-GPU with NO_GPU=T

          Hello dkuna,

          From the information you've provided, I couldn't say for sure that this isn't a bug in ACML-GPU, but we certainly want to take your problem seriously.

          I'd suggest you go to the helpdesk http://developer.amd.com/support/Pages/default.aspx and submit a helpdesk request (be sure to select GPU Tools support and ACML-GPU.)

          Since the NO_GPU environment variable forces the library to use the CPU instead of the GPU, please include information about your CPU.

          Since the problem depends on the array size, please also be as specific as you can about the parameters passed to DGEMM.   If you can create a test program that reproduces the problem, of course that would be ideal.