OpenCL profiler - Questions and minor bug report

Discussion created by eduardoschardong on Jan 7, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2010 by empty_knapsack

Bug report: The .csv isn't presented correctly for some locations.

Latin locations, for example, use "," instead of "." for the decimal separator and "." as just a grouping digit, when the profiler display the output values are transformed depending on the culture on the machine, this cause the values to be displayed incorrectly, % units are displayed as, for example, 8107, KernelTime is displayed as 2299992 when it should be 22,99992 (or 22.99992 if culture invariant) and so.



1) Is FetchUnitStalled the percent of KernelTime spent on fetch units while they are doing nothing?

2) Is FetchUnitBusy - FetchUnitStalled the percent of KernelTime spent on fetch units while they are actually doing something usefull?

3) What the GPU is doing when FetchUnitStalled? I mean what cause stalls? If I have 94,07 for FetchUnitStalled and 90,74 for FetchUnitStalled what's likely the problem with my kernel?


note: WriteUnitStalled is always 0, it looks buggy since kernels with to much writes are slow even when all numbers are low.