ATI.obj not found

Discussion created by Iska91 on Jan 6, 2010
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Hey everyone,

I'm a physics student @ the University of Delft and because of that I do quite a lot of calculations on my PC. The problem is that my CPU (C2D E8400@3.6ghz) isn't fast enough to make the calculations in an acceptable amount of time. So I was thinking, why use my CPU which can do about 30 GFlops while my 2 4850's (@700,1020) can do about 2.2 TFlops! 
I already have some C++ experience (and a lot PHP, but that doesn't really matter) so I decided to check out the wonderful world of ATI Stream.

Well, It's about 2 hours later right now and I'm damn frustrated! I can't get the Brook+ (multi_gpu in this case) examples to run! I already checked all the linker and C++ settings and I does compile. The error I'm getting is:
LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'E:\ATI\ATI.obj'
I'm currently running Windows 7 Ent. x64 and Catalyst 9.10.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem. I'm eager to start experimenting with my GPU's as my new calculator.