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    Setting trace point for CodeAnalyst/Linux

      Is there a way to set a start trace point for CodeAnalyst for Linux?

      I have a program which has a long initialization phase for which I am not particularly interested in measuring performance. Is there a way that I can make a profile that starts at a particular point in the code. I understand this possibility exist for the pipeline simulation (which only exist for Windows), but is there a way I can do a similar thing in event-based profiling on Linux?

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        • Setting trace point for CodeAnalyst/Linux

          Workaround 1: Do you know how long the initialization phase runs? If so, you can use "profile start delay (sec)" in session setting to profile after thes specified delay.

          Workaround 2: You can use "start with th profiling paused" -- this will configure events and set profiling paused. When your program completes initialization, you can click "resume" button in CodeAnalyst to resume the event-based profile.