Missing loop condition test in OpenCL for loop

Discussion created by dwootton on Dec 30, 2009
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Generated code in for loop for CPU device missing loop conditon test

I am trying to learn about OpenCL and have a kernel that isn't working correctly. I'm running a program compiled with Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7 using the 12/21/09 OpenCL version I downloaded.

When I invoke my program in debug mode I get an exception in the dll generated for my code. When I look at the disassembly view in Visual Studio, I see code for the for loop which seems to be updating the arrays correctly. I can also see where I is incremented, where it's been optimized into register eax and eax is incremented by 4 each loop iteration. However, I don't see any loop test in the generated code, which I think explains the exception since eax no longer points to valid memory.

The code is attached

I'm invoking this via clEnqueueTask.

The odd thing is I thought I had code where the loop test was present before I rewrote this code to get rid of some pointers, but now I can't get the compiler to generate any loop test.


Am I doing something wrong?



__kernel void computeHistogram(__global unsigned int *imageData, global int *redCounts, global int *greenCounts, global int *blueCounts, int globalCount, int threads, int index) { int count; int threads; int index; int histogramBase; int imageOffset; count = globalCount / threads; histogramBase = index * 256; imageOffset = count * index; for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) { unsigned char r; unsigned char g; unsigned char b; unsigned int pixel; pixel = imageData[imageOffset + i++]; r = pixel >> 16; g = pixel >> 8; b = pixel; redCounts[histogramBase + r]++; greenCounts[histogramBase + g]++; blueCounts[histogramBase + b]++; } }