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    Intermittent crashes



      I am experiencing intermittent crashes with the new driver "Stream SDK v2.0 w/ OpenCL(tm) 1.0". They are pretty severe in that they freeze the computer with "a blue screen of death". Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem consistently, as it just seems to happen randomly after an app has been running for a while. The problem occurs with the NBody demo executable in the sdk as well as in my own app, which also runs the NBody kernel code. I used DriverSweeper to clean up all the old drivers first and then installed 9.12 followed by the Hotfix and then the sdk. I am running an Intel Core 2 Cpu 2.13Ghz with an HD4890.

      For all its worth here is what was on the blue screen the last time the crash occurred. Maybe it is of use to somebody.


      Ati2mtag.sys                Address B6F48274       base at B6E77000