RAR password recovery on GPU using ATI Stream processor

Discussion created by WajdyEssam on Dec 27, 2009
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Hello, I'm newbie in GPU programming , and i work on brute force RAR Password Recovery on ATI Stream Processor using brook+ language, but i see that the kernel written in brook+ language doesn't allow any calling to normal functions (except kernel functions) , my questions is :

1) how to use unrar.dll (to unrar archive files) API in this situation? and is this the only way to program RAR password recovery?

2) what about crack and ElcomSoft software that use GPU , how they work ?

3) what exactly the role for the function work inside GPU (ATI Stream processor or CUDA) in this program?

4) is nVidia/CUDA technology is easier/more flexible than ATI/brook+ language ?

Thanks in advance .