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    stream/opencl without console

      progress toward using ATI Stream / OpenCL on linux without a display console X session running

      Has anyone discovered a way (ATI?) to run GPU accelerated stream/opencl code on linux _without_ having to run a console X session?


      nVIDIA CUDA/opencl is able to do this by using a script that creates the correct devices  /dev/*.


      This is greatly facilitate large scale deployments (HPC) of GPU accelerated codes.  A large cluster of nodes will likely not have running displays attached.  Worse yet, each node will be running a stripped down os/kernel so overcoming this limitation would be of tremendous value.



      Finally, is there any way to install the driver & libs & xorg bits on linux in a non-standard location?  For example, in /usr/local/ati?  

      This would make it targeted development easier since multiple SDK copies could be maintained simultaneously.