Vista Safe mode issues with Radeon 2400

Discussion created by xesjex on Dec 23, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2009 by avk

Hope there is an answer for the following problem:

I have a ATI RAdeon Graphic card 2400XT, which was causing multiple problems during the startup of games. I did get many vertical lines/boxes in the screen, when the games(s) where loaded (tested it on many games, also used a different monitor and resolutions, but still gave the same problem). Due to this reason (the screen went unreadable and so the games unplayable) i tried to update the drivers from ATI and used the last version of the driver updates.

Still no result. This time i tried to delete al drivers in safe mode, so we could have a clean install. But now the same problems which did occur at the games, starts as well when i load vista in safe mode. So because the screen is unreadable, i can't make any changes/delete drivers etc in save mode, just barely can press shut down at login, and i have to get back to normal mode, wich seems to work okay at startup (normal desktop), but can't load any game, like it suppose to be.

I think the problem is caused by an old driver from ATI/core startup file from Windows vista., since it gives the same results in safe mode. Is there a way to slove this problem?

I also wonderd if it's save to delete the Grapic Card in the Hardware section and install it again manually? But because things don't work out in safe mode i am affraid of the risk of that because i think windows normal mode will then read the same bad driver as in safe mode...wich results in the fact that i totally can't acces the pc anymore.

Would be great to have some support on this! Many thnx all ready!