OpenCL DLL files.

Discussion created by genetix_ on Dec 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2010 by ruysch

Why are ATI opencl.dll files on final SDK at ATI Stream path where they are not identified nor found unless hardlinked to %SystemPath%\system32 / \SysWOW64 unlike NVIDIA who at least copied the DLLs to correct place?

Also would love to know why is my system still unable to load NVIDIA and ATI OpenCL.dll's at same time?

I mean isn't OpenCL purpose to actually be an opensource standard to utilize as much possible which atm looks like NVIDIA as well as ATI are doing everything to prevent this happening. Hell, I don't know, if it's the bad coding or lame naming styles, but even if one would actually be able to put these side by side dynamicloading they still wouldn't work.