ATI Stream Profiler is now available!

Discussion created by bpurnomo Employee on Dec 22, 2009
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The next generation GPU Performance Analysis Tool for Stream Computing

We are pleased to announce the release of a new tool ATI Stream Profiler 1.0, a performance analysis tool to analyze OpenCL programs on ATI Radeon graphics cards fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Features of the tool include:

  • Measure the execution time of an OpenCL kernel
  • Query the hardware performance counters on ATI Radeon graphics card
  • Display the memory traffic from and to GPU
  • Compare multiple runs (sessions) of the same or different programs
  • Store the profile data for each run in a csv file
  • Display the IL and ISA (hardware disassembly) code of the OpenCL kernel

You can download this tool from the AMD developer website here:


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