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    pixel shader or compute shader


      Why do most of examples in Streaming SDK use pixel shader (ps), not compute shader (cs)? What are the advantage or limitation of CS mode?

        • pixel shader or compute shader

          CS mode available only from HD 4000, PS can be used even on HD 2000, SDK examples were written ages ago.

          As for limitations -- CS doesn't supports color buffers but supports LDS.

          And no point at all to use PS with HD 5000.

          • pixel shader or compute shader
            The compute_matmult is not optimized in the same manner as the pixel shader. The main issue is that pixel shader has a natural blocking of threads in a wavefront, 8x8 z-ordering. This aligns with the texture cache quite well, but the CS uses linear ordering, which does not align to cache well at all. The compute shader version has the possibility of higher peak performance but is not written in a manner that does so.