C# Timer based profiling - bad source view and other problems

Discussion created by Numsgil on Dec 12, 2009
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I just downloaded the latest version of CodeAnalyst today to profile my C# project.  It's a nice profiler, but I've run in to some issues.  Could these be looked at sometime in the future?

See this session (let me know if I need to include anything else).

Issue one:

1.  Open the session.

2.  Go to System Graph.

3.  Double click on the blue bar next to Azimuth.dll.jit

4.  Double click the first large blue bar next to Azimuth.DenseLinearAlgebra.QRDecomposition::Decompose+3237.

5.  The source view reports a single line (at line 303) as taking 99.64% of the execution time.  As near as I can tell it's combined the timings from the entire inner loop of my QR decomposition function.

6.  I thought this was an artifact of running in release with optimizations, but if you go back to the Azimuth.dll.jit graph, and double click on other blue bars, you get correctly taken to lines of code that make sense to me.

So as near as I can tell the Azimuth.dll.jit graph is fine, and gives results I would expect, but the source view is totally broken.  Any ideas why?  Is this a limitation of .NET code?

Issue two:

I'm using the Visual Studio integration.

1.  I go to session settings and set "Start with the profiling paused".

2.  I start my session.  The profiling starts paused, as I would expect.

3.  I get my app to start the QR decomposition.  A window appears above Visual Studio (my App) and it gains focus.

4.  I try to click on the "pause" button for CodeAnalyst inside Visual Studio.  But instead of unpausing the profiler, it just makes Visual Studio gain focus instead without unpausing the profiler.