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    How to find appropriate motherboard?

      low power motherboard with dedicated video RAM GPU

      I am developing an embedded system.

      What we need is a small and low power mini ATX motherboard with integrated CPU and GPU. LVDS video output is also necessary.

      For small I mean FlexATX or smaller.

      For low power I mean that it is comparable with Intel Atom and integrated GPU solutions. I don't have more exact requirements yet.

      Our prototype application shows that we need GPU with dedicated video RAM to provide enough memory bandwidth. CPU performance is not a bottleneck, any current x86 processor would do the job. Non-x86 architecture may also be an option but it would be much simpler to use x86.

      I have read on a forum that a recent eee PC was released with Atom processor and ATI Radeon HD3450 GPU with dedicated video RAM. Is such a motherboard available for purchase somewhere or is it built specifically for that product?

      I have searched the Internet for such motherboards with no success. Do such motherboards exist? Can you give me some pointers where to find them?