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      Here in the lab we have a mac pro with a Radeon HD 4870 and Intel Xeon.

      When we query the OpenCL capabilities of the OpenCL GPU device "Radeon HD 4870", asking for CL_DEVICE_IMAGE_SUPPORT, we receive a tremendous and paradoxical "no".

      The funny thing is that OpenCL CPU device "Xeon" support images even if it is not really meant to work with them...

      We realized that this is not a new thing



      At this point we have some questions here...

      When will the Radeon HD 4870 support images? Like is there any planned date?

      Is there at the current time any AMD/ATI GPU that supports images?

      If not, why it is not supported? Is it because AMD suggests to not use them because of low-performances? (this would sound strange)

      Shouldn't the use of images improve the performances of  OpenCL-based applications, also for the OpenCL version by AMD?

      We are trying to understand this...

      Thank you in advance,