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    simple code crashes on Nehalem

      acml on Nehalem

      I just installed acml-4-3-0-ifort-64bit-int64.tgz on my new nahelem system. In understand that acml works on intel systems, so I don't understand the source of my problem.

      This code below runs perfectly with lapack and mkl, and crashed with a core dump when I link to acml. I am am using g++-4.4.2 on Fedora 12.

      Any help will he enormously appreciated.



      extern "C" void dcopy_(const int &,
                  const double *, const int &,
                  double *, const int &;

      int main()
          double in[100],out[100];
          dcopy_(100, in, 1, out, 1);


        • simple code crashes on Nehalem

          This question is so old I'm embarrassed by our lack of responsiveness.

          One possible problem is the 4.4.2 g++ compiler, but we have tested this with other 4.3.0 ACML builds and they were working.

          A more likely cause is that you are using the int64 ACML version. This expects all integers to be 64 bits.  I think your sample code is compiled so that integers will be 32 bits.  Try using the acml-4-3-0-ifort-64bit.tgz library instead.

          Or you could change your int declarations to long.