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    athlon 4 instruction set

      looking for a datasheet for the Athlon 4 (Thunderbird) processor instruction set


      I'm looking for a datasheet for the Athlon 4 (Thunderbird) processor instruction set.

      googling, and looing through the archives here has not turned up anything.

      I've downloaded the AMD64 programmers guide, volume3 has the kind of info I'm looking for, except it's obviously not the same processor


        • athlon 4 instruction set

          Thunderbird is a 32-bit AMD CPU. It supports MMX, Extended MMX, 3DNow!, Extended 3DNow! and SSE (so named "3DNow! Pro"). If you want some more information, try to find and download AMD document #22007.

          • athlon 4 instruction set

            AMD 64 is the major source of 3D processor, its bit difficult for you to download exact files of.Even you would never find proper data that help you to take any step.Just download AMD documents through google searh or any good software site, by doing this you will get the solution of problem.