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    Can we expect OpenCL perf improvements via Catalyst updates?



      i seen  a press note by Amd that AMD and Sisoft collaborate on OpenCL benchmarking and that they are getting 1800Mpixels on Sisoft 2010 via OpenCL on 5870 and I get 450 on GTX275 and I can't test my 5850..

      the press note says it using drivers 8.68.0 which are Catalyst 9.12 and OpenCL beta 4 so we can expect that the drivers via updated CAL compiler and runtime deliver improvoments to GPU opencl backend performance?

      as kernels are compiled to AMD il and compiled by drivers

      A leaked 9.12 has 1.4.492 CAL drivers vs 9.11 1.4.467..

      See http://oscarbg.blogspot.com/2009/12/amd-opencl-news-almost-of.html for more discussion about it..