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DisplayPort suggestion

Question asked by smaglio81 on Nov 26, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by marcus46
Prevent the desktop from changing size/window location when DisplayPort monitor is turned off.

Thanks for making 3-display support on one card possible with the 5700/5800 cards. And, for your continued support of the Linux community.

This post has to do with Windows 7, Radeon HD 5770, and a 3-display setup.

The card works great, but the effects of turning off the DisplayPort monitor were unexpected.

I like to leave my computer on when I go to work/leave the house. And, when I do, I turn off the monitors. Unfortunately, when the DisplayPort monitor is turned off the displays reconfigure their settings. For example, if I turn off only the DisplayPort monitor all of the monitors will loose signal for a few seconds. When they come back up, the windows from the DisplayPort monitor have been moved onto the other displays (usually the display configured to be the farthest left).

When all the monitors are turned off, all the windows move to the DisplayPort monitor.

Would it be possible to have a setting in the Catalyst Control Center which would prevent the display from being rearranged when the DisplayPort monitor is turned off?

(I don't know if you need this information, but the monitor is a Dell U2410WFP.)