5970 unsupported in OpenCL ?

Discussion created by neurall on Nov 26, 2009
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Hi guys. 

I just got my new 5970 card and but after installing opencl beta4 drivers. GPU doesn't work in opencl [win7 x64 vs 2005 OpenCl SDK 2 beta4]. after Installing this opencl driver win7 boots to standard vga. So I tryed installing it over 8.663.1_Beta5_Hemlock_VistaWin7_Nov11.exe and now the card are detected and I see driver version 8.663.1.0 in cpl

Also I noticed that 5970 is not officially listed in opencl supported gpu list


clGetDeviceIDs(cpPlatform, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU, 1, &cdDevice, NULL);  returns -1

everything works if i do CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU thou.

Ithought that 5970 are just two 5870 devices put on one pcb.

maybe opencl runtime is just confused by new device ids ?

If so should I patch some inf file in opencl provided driver to recognize my cards on win7 64  and to to get gpu working in opencl ?