Problems with the Graphic card Drivers.

Discussion created by amirshaneh on Nov 24, 2009

Hello Guys.

i got Saphairre HD 4850 Vapor-X 

i didnt know where i should post it so i just posted it here... i hope it will help other people as well.

i bought Call of duty modern warfare 2.

but i had some issues with it.

on some of the maps it will run realy slow depends on the direction you looking at.

if you realy wanna see what i mean you should check out the vid i made.


i was sure it was a game problem at first.

i tryed ALOT of stuff nothing realy fixed it.

so eventually i installed some modified drivers for my graphic card from guru3d.

it fixed the problem..... 

i hope ATI next Driver Update will fix it itself without needing modifications for it from other places