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    Problems with the Graphic card Drivers.


      Hello Guys.

      i got Saphairre HD 4850 Vapor-X 

      i didnt know where i should post it so i just posted it here... i hope it will help other people as well.

      i bought Call of duty modern warfare 2.

      but i had some issues with it.

      on some of the maps it will run realy slow depends on the direction you looking at.

      if you realy wanna see what i mean you should check out the vid i made.



      i was sure it was a game problem at first.

      i tryed ALOT of stuff nothing realy fixed it.

      so eventually i installed some modified drivers for my graphic card from guru3d.

      it fixed the problem..... 

      i hope ATI next Driver Update will fix it itself without needing modifications for it from other places

        • Problems with the Graphic card Drivers.

          I played Call of duty modern warfare 2, and i did not face any fame problem.

          my specification is below

          Core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz

          RAM 3GB DDR2 800 bus

          Saphaire HD 4850 TOXIC 512MB

          Samsung 250GB and 160GB HDD

          Samsung 21.5" full hd(1920*1080) monitor

          I played the game in Extra High details in 1080p and i did not face any frame problem. I played the game in both XP and Win7 64bit OS

          To play this game in 1080p u must have 2GB ram in xp and 3gb in win7.

          May be your graphics card driver is older.For this you faced frame problem.

          You always have to confirm that you intstalled latest version of driver before playing new game.

          And always download driver from AMD web site.

          you can download from the link below in order to take advantage of AMD GPUs as it consists of OpenCl beta version.