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    Error with some GPUs


      Hi all,

      we've got a problem with some GPU (e.g. ATI HD 4800) types. We use the Stream Kernel Analyzer to translate c code to GPU assembler code. To track down the error we created a small kernel, which produces the error:

      "dcl_output_generic o0\n"
      "dcl_input_position_interp(linear_noperspective) v0.xy__\n"
      "sample_resource(0)_sampler(0) o0, v0.x0\n"

      We found out that the sample_resource(0)_sampler(0) gets back wrong data for the range 1...0x7F, 0x7F80...0x807F and 0xFF7F...0xFFFF. This means we get back, e.g. 0 for 1, 0 for 0x7F, etc.

      On some GPUs it works correct (e.g. HD3870).

      Seems that on newer GPUs there is something wrong.

      Any thoughts?