Multiple IL (compute) kernels to execute.

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How to run multiple compute kernels in chain from CAL without reloading modules

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1. To execute multiple images without need of reloading it into CAL: If multiple contexts will be created, then every context will have it's own image to execute. whether context switch will be noticible if one context will be started after another? Whether it is better solution then load module every time before start execution? (assuming only one image can be load per contexts, so to run the second IL image must be reloaded).

2. Whether the same resource can be attached to different contexts for i/o? (context1 for input, context2 for output)?

3. What is the example of running multiple functions in calCtxRunProgramGridArray if only one image can be loaded? If multiple ILs linked into the same image, what function names must be specified to run one after another, as sample says only about "main" as the only function to execute?

4. Micah, in one of the posts you mentioned to use some input paramter int kernel to trigger between different kernel function calls (code paths) from the "main", so all functionality will be linked together. In this case, whether non-executing paths will be scheduled (code branches which will not be executed) degrading performance?