cl.hpp improvements

Discussion created by bubu on Nov 8, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2009 by bubu

Could be possible to add two things to the cl.hpp, pls?


1) Detect the OpenCL.dll. Delay Load DLL is not enough. We need a method to detect if the OpenCL.dll is present on the system because, if not, any cl:evice or cl:latform will cause an ugly "Sorry, this program cannot find the module OpenCL.dll".

For windows, detect the Windows\system32\OpenCL.dll presency...

For linux/macos/solaris, I don't know


2) We need a way to see if the GPU is actually the primary display... so we can skip that card due to the 5 seconds watchdog or whatever. Just add a new CL_GPU_IS_PRIMARY_DISPLAY to the cl:evice.