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    Can't build programs with default installation


      I've just installed Visual Studio 2008 Pro and the ATI stream SDK with the OpenCL beta driver, I have not touched any settings what so ever, it's a default installation.

      When I follow the instructions in the getting started guide to build an OpenCL sample I receive some errors as seen in the screensot bellow. I receive the exact same error messeges for every single sample.

      How can I resolve this issue?

      Getting started guide: http://developer.amd.com/gpu/ATIStreamSDKBetaProgram/assets/ATI_Stream_SDK_Getting_Started_Guide_v2.0_beta4.pdf

      Screenshot: http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/9942/screenshotfpx.png

      Graphics adapter: HD4550
      OS: Windows 7 32bit edition
      Visual Studio 2008 pro

      ATISTREAMSDKROOT points to C:\Program Files\ATI Stream\

      ATISTREAMSDKSAMPLESROOT points to C:\Users\Eric\Documents\ATI Stream\


        • Can't build programs with default installation

          Try to build in relase mode. It worked for me, at first...

          At the other hand, it would interest me also, what to do with this, to get to work in debug mode...

          Yeah, and read my topic for noobs (included me), there are some usefull informations!

          UPDATE: As i learn, problems seems to solve themselves. So building works for me now in debug mode also, i had only to set the working settings from relase for it. So see the noob topic, for the settings, and help getting started! Learn from my failures, and avoid them!


            • Can't build programs with default installation

              Hi Erik,

              You said that, you have just installed Visual Studio 2008 Pro, could you make sure that Visual studio is working fine? You can try running any simple C++ program and see if everything is fine.

              Also, could you run the CAL samples coming with the SDK, say 'FindNumDevices' and post see if its also having the same issue. Please post the results too.